Dr. Warm and Lascaux

7 02 2011

Okay, so now we were ready for really foaming the basement. We loved the young earnest guys sent by the bigger insulation company, but we needed someone who really got it about the building science. We found Dr. Warm (whose real name is Robert Jordan). Here he is testing the Cedar Breather to see if he could get it to not stick entirely to the foundation when the closed cell foam hit it. The idea was to create a drainage plain. He developed a spraying style that was kind of at an angle. It worked.

Testing the Cedar Breather

The "angle" style spray

More"angle" style

Spraying the first coat of the closed cell foam. This is one thing I don't think too many people would enjoy doing. But Dr. Warm loves it!

The foam is done--all 3"-plus of it

Dr. Warm's work made Liane think of the prehistoric caves of Lascaux. After we put the thermal barrier (15 minute fire protection) on the basement walls, we will consider getting some murals painted...

Guinness, Liane's long-haired Dachsund, would definitely like to be depicted on the wall šŸ™‚

The basement stair walls were protected and fire-blocked with conventional sheetrock. The open cell in the ceiling will get the thermal barrier paint.




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