Inside Foam Job–the Attic

6 02 2011

In all fairness to the foaming guys, the HVAC fellows took a while, so the inside foaming also took a while to get started.  We had to get the HRV supply runs done in the attic for the 3rd floor apartment, before we could foam the rafters.

Foaming guy for the open cell spray foam at the attic and dormer rafters

HRV return run exhausting from the 3rd floor bathroom (supply runs are at the furthest ends, for good air mixing)

After foam job in attic--buckets were to protect vents yet to be connected

Interior view of air bypass where sidewalls meet rafters

Yes, had we been a bit better coordinated, we would have sequenced the cellulose between the attic joists after the spray foam at the rafters.  As it was, we just did the best we could from the exterior, as shown in the previous post.

Openings at roof sheathing 'before'

Another thing we would have done, and can still do, is to acoustically seal the ducts venting through the attic to the outside. Right now the big one (where a number of vents are gathered) acts like a trumpet, and Liane can hear music heralding community events such as 5K races–through her stove hood!

‘Trumpet’ inadvertently created by the venting



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