Resuming the Blog

1 10 2010

Okay, the time has finally come to resume this blog.  The end of the summer came and went, with vacation breaks for most of us working on this DER.  Our wonderful intern Natalia returned to her architectural studies, and we have been working mostly on the interior of Liane’s house this past month.  We are not promising regular blog entries (since we are not as young as Natalia) but we will keep you posted as we can.  Thanks so much Natalia, for all your documentation help this summer—we miss your energy, capacity, and enthusiasm. So, what’s been happening at Liane’s place? To pick up where we left off—the back entry stair and landing–here’s what it used to look like. It sucked up moisture and the landing area had begun to rot the sill of the house.
After much demo, debris removal, and digging out of rocks, this is the back entry area without the old, moisture absorbing, concrete stair. And here is the new wood stair, turned into a mini back porch–just about complete–with a nice shed roof to shed the rain.




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