Too Hot Today

7 07 2010

The temperature in Somerville (and Boston) soared to 100F on Tuesday!  The heat made it impossible to continue work, especially on the roof where the insulation reflects all that energy right onto the construction workers.  Even Laura and Darrell, the electrician, stuck to the shade while discussing the new electric needs for Liane’s house.

However, the exterior of the house is looking wonderful.  All the Serious Windows are installed, the house if wrapped in a warm, double layer of insulation, the strapping is applied, and the roof is nearly covered in plywood.  We love our hard working construction men!

Liane and Darrell discuss electricity and stay in the shade.

The first floor patio ceiling - all done!

The top window will block slightly less heat than the others so Liane will have a cozy corner for reading in the wintertime.

Our Serious windows!

The roof is nearly finished!

A close up look: notice the peak is wrapped in the same tape as the window frames to prevent moisture penetration.

Our pile of rigid insulation is nearly gone



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