A Little Here, a Little There…

30 06 2010

The guys have finished the bulk of the really hard work (stripping siding, stuffing the walls with cellulose, etc.)  The team is split up into smaller groups and each does a specific task: two guys finish installing windows, three guys work on the roof, and three others apply a second layer of insulation and slatting (which will be the base for future siding).

View of the soffit overhang. The roof above it is almost ready for shingles!

One of the last windows to be installed

Working on the ceiling for the porch

The house wrapped in a double layer of insulation with strapping

The guys travel up to the highest scaffolding...

Then to the roof...they make it look so easy

Plywood is being attached over the insulation to provide a base for shingles

The plywood will be covered in an asphalt moisture barrier, then shingles will be placed on top.

The other half of the roof, waiting to be insulated

The front of the house covered in insulation



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