Windows and woes

26 06 2010

Abby and Jeremy spent time in Liane’s kitchen replacing two windows.  Keeping the original, so-so quality, vinyl windows would have produced an “innie” window system in the thickened wall. This would have made it harder to drain any water (that inevitably gets between the wall and the window frame) to the outside. The new windows are “outies” and will be nearer to the exterior, leaving a roomy ledge on the inside. The main reason to go with “outies” was that this window system offers easier and possibly better flashing and sealing to the front face of the foil-faced polyiso (see “wrapping the wrap” post).   Yes, the windows were expensive, but they are so much better, particularly as “outies” than the older, poorly installed windows. (More on the triple glazed, Serious Materials R-7 windows in another post). Liane may be making a small greenhouse out of the old vinyl windows in order to repurpose them sustainably.

Step 1 - detach existing window

Step 2 - remove window

Step 3 - hand window to a friend

Step 4 - trim insulation around frame

Step 5 - even out the edges with Grace Roof Detail Membrane (for waterproofing)

Step 6 -insert new window!

While installing the third floor bedroom windows the guys ran into some trouble: one of the window frames was partially missing.  The original builders left a 4″ gap around the bottom edges of the window!  The guys filled in the gap and made sure the new window would be well insulated.

The way a window frame should look

Missing pieces

A closer look at the missing frame



4 responses

28 06 2010

The real step one is Liane moving her stuff out of the way so the workers can get to the windows!!

2 07 2010
Laura M

I don’t think I quite took on board what a huge job this is!

7 07 2010

Me neither!!

6 07 2010
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