Today!! OFF with the siding!!

14 06 2010

We got scaffolding!

Today was a day of HUGE activity and change!!!  It seemed like there was at least a dozen guys, scaffolding up on 3 sides of the house, pounding going on from every direction — some of my pictures have fallen off the walls, and some CDs off the shelves!! We can say it was not unloud.  I guess there’s no way to do this in a gentle fashion!!  They got off  both layers of siding (and the accompanying tar paper), and most of the clapboard.  They got down to the naked sheathing!  Sides of my house’s past — the brown asphalt siding, and the original clapboard — that I never knew, and that are already in the dumpster.  Whew!! That’s a lot to process!!

We got ladders.

Stripping the front of the house

Hard at work!

All of that came off the house!



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