The cellulose is being blown in!!

9 06 2010

Doesn’t cellulose sound like a fiber diet supplement? Anyway, we have a lot of it here!!!

Drilling holes in the walls to spray in the cellulose

Reason for plugs

Plugging the holes with little circles of styrofoam

Insulation around a window

Insulation in the rafters

Stripping the 2nd floor porch ceiling

Above the second floor porch we found a big empty cavity — already partially filled with some cellulose (and squirrels’ nests). Maybe this will be turned into more closet space for the 3rd floor.

Future closet???

Cellulose seems to have been blown between the floors--which we actually hadn't asked for, but which proved to be a mixed blessing--good for acoustics, but difficult for plumbing runs later on...



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